The Project

65My name is Jennifer Michelsen, and I have created this website in order to help inspire a change in my community. I moved from Ontario, California to Kanab, Utah in March of 2015. When my mother (JoAnn Clarkson Michelsen) grew up in Kanab, she participated in the extremely competitive Performing Arts program at the local high school. Since moving here, I have noticed that the theatre program is sorely lacking in participation from my peers.


I have been inspired to help raise awareness about how much fun theatre can be when more people get involved. Because the amazing theater program that once was once here has since diminished substantially, I wanted to reach out to kids to teach them that theater is fun, and to spark an interest in the community for artistic expression through teamwork, creating a remarkable theatre experience.


“All the World’s a Stage” – and you should be on it!

You can come learn to be an actor, performer, or movie star. Would you choose to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Han Solo from Star Wars? Do you want to climb mountains or fight dragons? What would it feel like to drive a race car or find your true love?

Get ready to hear those exciting words – “Lights! Camera! Action!”

If books have the ability to transport you to a different time and place, then the theatre enables you to live there for a time. I have been there, and would like to share how it feels to be anyone you want to be through makeup, costumes, character development, props, and speaking parts.

I have created a curriculum (available below) that is designed to inspire anyone interested in creating their own acting workshop. It is my passion to share what I know about theatre because it has brought so many great opportunities into my life. The ability to transform into someone else on stage is an unfathomable experience that everyone should have a chance to undergo. Living in a small town can deprive many children from experiencing activities like these, and I know that these children deserve their chance to shine in the spotlight.

***Please use this theatre camp curriculum to teach the children in your town and help spread the joy that comes from being an Actor/Actress. Thank You! Youth Theatre Program ***

Here are some pictures that I took to help document the work I have done over the 80-plus hours that I have spent on this project. Below, you will see photos that portray moments of my planning and collaborating processes, as well as a picture I took before commuting to Orderville for our third session of “Stages of Summer.”

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I also had an article written in my local newspaper to inspire members of my community and showcase the progress of kids in my youth theatre program. This is a link to the website that the article is featured on:

Here are some examples of my involvement in theatre as a youth: